Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Olympic Shrug

I actually finished the shrug this past Wednesday, but the batteries in my digital camera were flat and had to be recharged. Here is a picture of it. Not a great picture, but the best I can do with it lying on the floor.

I also caught the 'Panta' bug and had to knit one up the other night. I know what you're thinking, what the hell is a Panta?!? That's what I said at first, too, then I thought someone had tried to type 'pants' but hit the 'a' instead of an 's'. Anyway, Panta is a Finnish word for headband, and this thick version of a ski band seems to be a trendy little fad going on all over the place right now. You can wear it over your ears to keep the wind out, or it's the perfect thing for a bad hair day! If you want to click on over to you will find a thread there with over 500 replies on the infamous Panta, with lots of pictures (and detailed instructions on Page 4.). I could NOT get a decent picture yet of the one I made, try though I did; I am not talented at taking my own picture to begin with, so the least hideous picture made me look drunk with a head the size of a watermelon. Oh, well, maybe I'll make one of the kids model it for me later. For now, if you want to see one of these things, just click on over to Craftster.

This afternoon I started another illusion scarf, this time a Skully Pirate one for Brittany, who, you guessed it, is into pirates! Picked up the yarn in pink and purple, just like she wanted, and cast on a couple hours ago. I think this one will go a little quicker, since there about 12 less stitches per row than on the alien version.


At 6:58 PM , Blogger AmyArtisan said...

The shrug looks great - congratulations! Wear the gold medal with pride. :)

At 9:03 PM , Blogger Shelley said...

Your shrug turned out fabulous! You did a great job with it. Congrats on getting it completed on time!

At 12:34 AM , Blogger Claudia said...

Shrug is lovely! Great job!

I'm planning to make a panta, too! I think they're wonderful! Can't wait to see yours!

At 9:51 PM , Blogger Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I love the chocolatey goodness. It's just perfect. Now all we need is a pic of you and the shrug:0)

At 12:43 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Congrats on finishing the shrug. Can't wait to see that skully scarf!


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