Saturday, February 11, 2006

One Fancy Heeled Sock finished

Yesterday I finished my first in a pair of Fancy Heeled socks (pattern from the November 2005 Issue of Creative Knitting Magazine). It actually fits my foot and turned out pretty nicely! Capone, my little Boston Terrier, seems to like it, too, because he just had to stand on it and sniff its praises right when I snapped the picture!
I started to take the picture over but figured, hey, this is for a blog and blogs are sort of supposed to show how things are in real life, and in my real every day life my dogs are right there with me all the time, literally sticking their little noses into everything I do. So I hope y'all like the picture!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had, like about 4000 other knitters, joined the Yarn Harlot's 2006 Knitting Olympics. I really, really do NOT like watching anything Olympic on television, or hearing about it, or reading about it in the paper; it's just not my thing. I do home school my three kids so I made the whole bunch of us watch the opening ceremony last night - for its cultural and historic value - and my kids were equally unimpressed with it. Talk about some boring stuff, there was like an hour of the athletes from all the different countries walking into the arena and waving. Seriously, a solid blessed hour of people walking behind their flags and waving! Well whoop-te-doo! Watching a stop watch for how many minutes of my life were wasted watching that boring crap would have been way more exciting. The part that had something to do with a salute to the Renaissance was kind of cool, but the other THREE HOURS kind of sucked. Just my own opinion, no offense meant, like I said, I am just not into it.

But I do think the Knitting version of the olympics will be a lot of fun. Anyway, Here is my progress on the 'To Fringe or Not To Fringe Shrug' I'm working on
(pattern from the January 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine) That's the beginnings of the first sleeve. Not very impressive, as you can tell, since none of the dogs stuck their heads in the shot.


At 3:44 PM , Blogger Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

ncie diog

At 8:20 PM , Blogger Shelley said...

The sock looks great...from what I can see of it LOL. I do like the colours though too.

You've got a good start on your shrug and I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job on it.

At 8:19 AM , Anonymous Sydney said...

I like your sock. That's a nice shade of green. Capone's collar is cute too!


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