Monday, January 23, 2006

Hey, Look!

Hey, look! I figured out how to post a picture!
There is hope for me yet! Ha Ha!
These are 4 of my Boston Terriers wearing the sweaters I made for them last year. Capone's doesn't show up very well but his is probably the most comfortable, since I made it out of some Lion Brand Homespun that was left over from a hooded sweater I made for myself.
My pups are not spoiled, they are just very special!

Pixi, Gracie, Maizy, & Capone Posted by Picasa

Oh, I have one of my socks done, my first one ever. It is NOT pretty, but it is indeed a sock! My second one is on the needles and I am determined to get it finished in time to get a 'J' beside my name for the Sock-a-Month Knit-Along!

I also have 3 feet of the Red Scarf done. Now it only has to grow another 2 feet before Friday......Did I mention I habitually bite off way more than I need to be chewing!!


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