Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still waiting . . .

Nearly a week has gone by and I'm still waiting on that dang mailperson to bring me my box full of yarn! All that watching out the window, tapping my foot, and cussing just has not seemed to help at all. Maybe tomorrow . . .

During the past week I worked on the Askew pattern for that tank top on Knitty. I'm really glad now that I used a cheaper yarn than the Noro silk garden because there is some sort of flaw in the pattern. Last night I excitedly tried it on just find that the front straps were under my armpits! Not working!! I rechecked the pattern but found nothing that I could have screwed up on. So this morning I got back on the net and looked at the pics of it, and A HA! The pattern says to attach the top of the back to the base of the straps, which I did, BUT the picture clearly shows that the back is attached down further, under the top bias stockinette section. So I unstitched and restitched it back together. It fit better but the the way the straps are made they still hit under my pits! Not comfortable or attractive, I'm afraid. Kinda like something Myrtle Erckel would have worn. I made the smaller of my girls' try it on and gave it to her. It hits under her pits, too, but , since she is tiny, it looks better on her, though she doesn't like the way it wears, either . So she can wear it around the house. It was either that or find a way to make it fit my dog! The pattern was really fun to knit, though.

Since my package has still yet to arrive, I started knitting on a dishcloth. I'm trying to use up some of my stash so this was perfect thing to keep me busy. This lacy leaf pattern is really pretty. I think I'll use it again with some solid sage green. Don't ya love the little sheep-topped needles! They are so cute I can't stand it! Those were a Xmas present from Mom & Pops.

Shelley is having contests going right now, ending the night of Friday 13th, so hussle you butts over there and enter. The prizes are some BEAUTIFUL stitch markers!


At 5:26 AM , Blogger Paula said...

Oh I know how annoying it is when the pattern is not right and after second guessing all I did I find out it is the pattern.

I really like you mittens you made and the dishcloth you statrted.

Did you want to join the Dogs on Thursday group?


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