Friday, June 22, 2007

Tina's Summer Iced Coffee

I thought I'd share this recipe for iced coffee that I came up with. I love coffee and that energy boost it gives me but I don't particularly like drinking something hot and steamy when it's 90 degrees outside. Since I don't do dairy, I use soy milk in the recipe but cow milk would work just as well if you want to use that and you're not lacto intolerant.

Tina's Summer Iced Coffee
1 fresh brewed cup of coffee
2 to 3 heaping TBSP powdered sugar
1/4 cup of soy milk (or plain milk, of you prefer)
a squirt of chocolate syrup
ice cubes

I brew my coffee for this recipe just a little stronger than usual by using slightly more coffee and slightly less water than I would use for a regular cup of hot java. Also, I put two dashes of cinnamon on top of the coffee grounds before brewing it (that is the only way the stuff will disolve in coffee, whether I'm drinking it hot or cold).

In a blender, put about 7 ice cubes, the powdered sugar, milk, a hearty squeeze of chocolate syrup, and your freshly brewed hot coffee. Whiz it up until the ice is gone. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. Ewww, I love this stuff!


At 9:00 PM , Blogger Carol said...

Tina I am going to try this it sounds wonderful.

At 6:38 PM , Blogger Ragan said...

will have to try this!


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