Thursday, September 28, 2006

Granny Bag in progress and a cute picture of Maizy

Above is my progress on the crocheted Granny purse. The only bad thing I can really say about crochet as opposed to knitting is that you have to pay more attention to it. I prefer knitting in the front of the tv because I can generally do quite a few stitches while my eyes are glued to the set, where with crocheting I more or less listen to the program while making sure my hook doesn't stab the wrong part of the stupid stitch. But, it's still kinda fun for a change.

That is Maizy modeling her fancy, faux fur trimmed housecoat that she got for her last birthday. What did you just think?! Shame on you!! My dogs are not spoiled, they're special!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finished Green Gloves

I finished my green gloves, which I enjoyed. . . and have used as an excuse to order myself a mitten knittin' book this afternoon. Thanks to the fine folks at Amazon, I should be holding it in my hot little hand by the end of the week! I LOVE getting packages in the mail, so I guess I'll start harrassing the mailman tomorrow.

My first crochet project for this decade is coming along pretty well. I hope the colors look as good on the finished purse as they did when I was picking out the yarn. I'll try to post an in-progress pic pretty soon.

One thing on my Blog-to-do list is to redecorate! I'm kinda getting sick of this pink background and would like to design my own template when I can get a few spare hours to mess with it.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Morning

I'm so glad to have a nice sunny Sunday morning! We've had tornadoes and flooding rain all through this area for the last two days, so it's good to see the sun again for a change. We didn't have any damage except for a tree limb down in the yard, my dead snowball bush was uprooted, and our fence had to be be fixed due to our bull charging through it when the tornadoe whizzed by (can you blame him!).

I have joined the
Sock-a-Month #2 Knit Along, since I had so much fun in the first one. I also signed up for the Knittin' Mittens KAL, which I think is gonna be fun!

Mittens are fun! So far, anyway. I started a pair Friday and this was my progress by that afternoon:

This is a two-needle pattern and I can't believe how quick they are knitting up. That little mitten is all done now and his little twin should be finished sometime today.

I also started a crocheted purse, the cool 'Granny's No Square' one from The Happy Hooker (the author of this book is the Stitch 'n Bitch Queen, not a prostitute - as far as I know LOL). It's the first thing I've crocheted since some baby blankets when my last kid was born, so I was kinda out of practice. Anyway, I'm happy with my first two squares.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thought I'd share a little Kentucky scenery with y'all. This is a picture of the cornfield behind my house.

I just had to grab my knitting needles and make something, so I whipped up a Dragonfly dishcloth yesterday. Then I spent a big chuck of time today making a real list of all the stuff I want to try to make sometime before this winter is over - I'm kinda obsessive about my lists, which I do on Excel - so I have 42 things on far. Will I actually get them all done? Only time will tell that one, but at least when I get ready to start a new project, now I can just grab my fancy-schmancy list to know what to buy to make whichever pattern for which person, with a little estimate of the costs on there, too!

I just finished reading a great book last night! Cell by Stephen King, the god of all that is cool, spooky, and weirdly fasinating. It's about something happening to make all those millions of people who are incessantly yammering away on their cell phones go nuts, start killing people, and get the ball rolling toward Armageddon. I LOVED IT! Great book!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Back on the Blog!

Well, it looks like I took a much longer summer break from blogging than I had intended to, but now I'm back! Summer was just so busy, I also took about four months off from knitting.

What!! No Knitting for FOUR MONTHS!!I guess the hot weather must have fried my brains! But the bug has bitten again and I have a million patterns I just MUST get on the sticks.

While I was on blogger break, I did a ton of genealogy work this summer. Yep, another of my hobby biggies I've been doing since I was a teeny little kid. I'm in the process of joining the National Society of the Daughters of the Revolution (DAR for short) and the Mayflower Society, so I was on a documentation frenzy. (A funny note: I keep my dogs' pedigrees in the same software program my own is in! Different files of course)

The last few weeks have kept be busy starting up our 8th year of homeschooling. My oldest daughter, Amanda started college last month so I have one less student now. Brittany is in the 11th grade and Tyler is in the 6th. We have fun and the kids learn a lot. Our classes include English, Math, History (bunches and bunches of this, 'cuz I love history!), Science, Spanish, Computers, The Arts, Geography, and Civics.

So, if I go more than a week without bloggin', please come kick my cyber butt!!