Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finished Green Gloves

I finished my green gloves, which I enjoyed. . . and have used as an excuse to order myself a mitten knittin' book this afternoon. Thanks to the fine folks at Amazon, I should be holding it in my hot little hand by the end of the week! I LOVE getting packages in the mail, so I guess I'll start harrassing the mailman tomorrow.

My first crochet project for this decade is coming along pretty well. I hope the colors look as good on the finished purse as they did when I was picking out the yarn. I'll try to post an in-progress pic pretty soon.

One thing on my Blog-to-do list is to redecorate! I'm kinda getting sick of this pink background and would like to design my own template when I can get a few spare hours to mess with it.


At 12:19 AM , Blogger Bettina said...

Hi Tina,

thanks for your comment on my blog, both the dogs and I are now rested and relaxed at home. Until next time!!

Why not check out this site:

It belongs to the breeder of my dogs, but she also breeds Bostons, which is of interest to you I believe.

Your dogs are lovely and I hope you have much success with them.

Regards from Spain,


At 10:19 PM , Blogger Tammy said...

I love your picture!!!! Do you have Bostons??? We have a 3 year old female.


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