Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ordered a Knitting book, etc

The closest LYS didn't have any orange sock yarn, so I indulged myself by ordering some from KnitPicks. While on the site, I had to be responsible and see what else was on sale, of course. They have a new item listed, a wooden darning egg, which I thought would come in handy for fixing holey socks, 'cuz I'm not excited to throw anything I make in the trash. (Plus, I've had some damn moths munching on a coulple, and I hope they choked on 'em! Yeah, I'm mean when it comes to moths). And a book I've been planning to buy, Sock Innovation by the one and only Queen of Socks Cookie A , is 40% off! Clicked that sucker right into my shopping cart, oh yes I did.

We went to the zoo this afternoon, so I'll have some cool pics to post soon.


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