Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

I thought this picture was perfect for 'Dogs on Thursday' this week. We got the boys a new tuggy toy last night and they love it, as you can tell. Einstein is on the right with the red collar, and that's Elvis on the left in the blue one. An issue concerning the people in Wyoming came up, so we are still trying to find a nice family for him. Right now we're having a ball with him, so we're not in any hurry. Their sisters are doing great in Washington, blending in perfectly with their new family. Below is a close up of Elvis I took this afternoon.

The last day of NaNoWriMo is tomorrow, and I think I'm actually going to make the 50k word quota this year! Woo Hoo! As many hours as I've put in, I had dang well better!


At 9:22 PM , Blogger Knit and fall back in it said...

That little Elvis is a handsome one, isn't he?

At 4:27 AM , Blogger HobbygÃ¥sa said...

Cute, cute, cute - I adore them both!

At 5:41 AM , Blogger Kenyetta said...

I love boston terriers! We may have to talk business!

At 6:11 AM , Blogger lora said...

It's nice to have a sibling to burn off puppy frenzy. Both guys are adorable.

At 2:01 PM , Blogger Vivian said...

Watch those flying ears when they are playing! ahh, puppies, those little milk teeth can really tug.

At 1:34 PM , Blogger Ragan Knits etc... said... daughter and I were surfing the net the other day and came across your kennel site with the cute pictures of all of your puppies (past and present).
Elvis is so sweet, he is bound to find a home soon.


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