Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great new book

I got the best book yesterday! I'm in awe of the fantastic socks Pat is always knitting (check out her blog is you want to see some beautifully knitted socks!), and since a lot of them were created from Nancy Bush patterns, I was inspired to get one of the books she had written. Nancy Bush's Folk Socks: The History & Techniques of Handknitted Footwear is not only packed with amazing patterns, it is really an interesting and entertaining read as well. She tells you all about the origins of footwear and takes you on an informative tour through the styles and evolution of stockings in many countries. The section on heel and toe types is something I'm sure I'll be getting some use from, as well as the many how-to tips. I was amazed at all the information this great book has to offer. I am dying to learn color work and want to start with either the Ukrainian Socks (pictured on the cover) or the Greek ones from this book, since both are so gorgeous that I will have to wear them shoe shopping at the mall to have a good excuse to show them off in public!

For 'Dogs on Thursday', I'd like to invite y'all to stop by and check out our cyber puppy shower! Just click on the teddy bear to enjoy the fun and see something cute!


At 1:14 PM , Anonymous pat said...

OK - after your review, I need to go get this lone Nancy Bush book that is not in my library!!
(and thank you for the very nice compliment!)

At 3:34 PM , Blogger Pooch said...

Quite a puppy shower! The Daddy is not behaving well, is he?!!


At 3:56 PM , Blogger HobbygÃ¥sa said...

Great puppy shower! The dogs are so cute and the little puppies are adorable!!! I fancied the hydrant for potty training - what a cute present!

At 1:01 AM , Blogger Paula said...

Oh that was the cutest doggie babyshower I have ever seen!
They are such sweet puppies!
I love the proud looks of Mom and Dad too!

P.S. The Folk Socks Book is one of my favorites! There is so much information and great techniques in there! I want to knit them all.

At 8:18 AM , Blogger Carol said...

I will have to check out this book. I do have Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road book and love it.

At 2:34 PM , Blogger Dana Lorway said...

I have always loved this book. Best book to learn how to knit socks.


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