Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dogs on Thursday, GSD girls

This week I wanted to showcase my German Shepherd girls. This picture was taken a few years ago but I just love it. It took it on our front porch shortly after we moved here; the girls had been playing in the yard and were apparently ready to cool off in the house. That is LaRoux on the porch, her sister Schatzie on the left by the lilies, and LaRoux's daughter Molly with her butt pointed at the camera.

By now, you probably know our kennel is named Wonderland Kennels, and that my user name derived from that, but where, you ask, is Alice? Can't have Wonderland without an Alice, you say. You'd have to look at their registered names to find her, but one is "Wonderland's Alice LaRoux". (Sometimes the spelling of her name confuses people and they try to pronounce it with the 'x' sound, but it is simply "la roo", like in kangaroo.)

My husband and I used to take Schatzie and LaRoux to Obedience classes in Evansville shortly after we got them, Barry partnered with Schatzie and me with LaRoux. They are both quick learners! This is what happened that always miffed Barry. Every time we would work on the recall command in class - where the dog would be on one side of the room and the owner would call it from the other side and the dog is supposed to run to the person calling her- Schatzie would look happy and trot halfway to Barry when he'd call her . . . then pause and come running over to me! Every time, even if I had my back turned and tried to hide! Of course I ate it up and everybody else thought it was funny! What really got him was that any time I'd call her, she'd come straight to me, even if he was trying to lure her the other way! The fact that she minds me so well is great, since one time we were in the park and walking those two; Barry and Schatzie were way ahead of LaRoux and I on the trail because we had stopped to talk to someone. Schatzie's new training collar slipped off!! Barry freaked and was chasing her, which she thought was a game so she was running around having a ball. As soon as they came into view, I called her and she came straight to me, thank goodness.

Our Molly was born right here in Wonderland and we are so proud of her. She was the easiest dog we have ever leash trained, as she never pulls. She likes being shown and loves obedience training.


At 2:03 PM , Blogger Paula said...

I love the names of the girls and what a great name for a kennel too!
'Oh and they are beautiful girls.
That is very funny about you and your Husband in the training class!
Elise got off her collar once when she was a year old and my son ran around the yard trying to catch her. She thought it was a game too.
I just opened the door and yelled "treat" and she came running right in up to me and sat there with her paw in the air waiting for her treat!

Aren't those dog flowers cute, I am still trying to figure out what she used for the eyes and the nose!

At 5:18 PM , Blogger Pooch said...

The girls look quite regal. This is a gorgeous pic of your beauties!


At 5:58 PM , Blogger Nichole said...

Beautiful girls!!!

At 4:02 PM , Blogger Pooch said...

re: my dog pic
Thanks for you comments and, yes...right under my feet when I'm at the computer. Makes it difficult for a graceful exit from my chair!! hee-hee


At 6:13 PM , Blogger Gretchen said...

Gretchen's human: Oh my, Gretchen has moved over into the dog world. I figured if Gretchen was going to be an honorary member of this group she at least ought to look like one. Thanks for your comment. Your shepherds are beautiful. I had a registered miniature poodle my husband bought me when Paula was born. Her offical name was Alice in Bumberland.
And I really like your anklet socks.

Gretchen: Thanks, I'm very happy the roofers have moved on. It's nice and quiet here again.


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