Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun Stuff

Thought I'd mention a few fun things that have my attention right now.

My writing friends from TNBW invited me to join facebook, so I did. Its a fun place to put more useless information about myself, buddies, and family. So click away if you want to see it or join.

I'm a big Shakespeare fan and my 13-year-old son is studying some his plays this year during homeschool. Since he complained that some of the wording was hard for him to understand, I found this great website, No Fear Shakespeare. You can read the plays online, with the text translated into modern English on one side of the screen. I have him read one Act at a time in his book, then let him get online to reread it, making it easier for him to get the most out of the story. So if you like Shakespeare but find reading it intimidating, this site is for you.

With NaNoWriMo time coming up in about eight days, I thought I'd make a desktop/wallpaper thingie to use during November. Plain and simple, but I like it.
Feel free to use it, if you like. Just let me know so I can brag about it!


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